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Welcome on my Homepage

Welcome on my Homepage



Tnx for Visite

Tnx for Visite

31. Dezember 2016

Happy New Years Show of Spaceshuttle! via Channel 292

Hi today 1st of January 2017 we are
onair at 14-16 UTC on 6070 kHz.

Our px includes nice newyear selection of mx as well few
request songs. Also a letterbox for our reporters and
special Combination px of two stations free radio friends
from Finland and Holland.

Stay tuned and enjoy! It's time to relax!

RR always welcome!

Best regards,


Free Radio Logs to the Day.31.December.2016

Radio Station
6.070 khz 8:01 utcRadio Waves IntChristmas Song.Ireland Christmas song Jingle ID44444
6.085 khz8:02 utcRadio Mi Amigo.intOldie Rock Talk Jingle id43344
6.150 khz8:40 utcEuropa 24Oldie Schlager Talk  Id44444
6.210.4 khz8:45 utcKing SW Instro Music Oldie,s  34333
6.380 khz8:47 utcRadio RonalisaDutch Music Oldie 34433
9.510 khz9:00 utcRadio City Oldie,s Rock,n,Roll Talk id 55444
6.070 khz9:02 utcR.GoldrauschCharts Pop Music Talk id 44444
6.205 khz9:24 utcUnid StationJames Last Music,Instro Music 35333
6.910 khz9:37 utcMoose AMInstromental Music 34433
6.070 khz10:00 utcSM Radio DessauPop Rock Oldie Talk id45444
6.230 khz10:02 utcSluwe Vos Radio / Artems World Music Schlager Jingles Sluwe Vos Talks from Artems 44444
6.260 khz10:05 utcUnid StationOldie Dutch No id24322
6.290 khz10:25 utcRadioTower Oldie Dutch Music Talk id Pop Music 45444
6.245 khz10:40 utcRadio Digital Rock Music Dutch  Polka Talk id 44444
6.330 khz10:47 utcUnid StationDutch Oldie  no id 34322
6.450 khz10:55 utcRadio ReadymixRock Music Short Talk 43344
6.220 khz10:58 utcRadio Casanova Schlager Dutch Instro Music Talk id34333
6.240 khz12:10 utcPiet PiraatInstro Music Oldie id33333
6.070 khz12:12 utcRON - Irgend was mit Medien Instro Music Classic Music id43444
6.070 khz13:00 utcIBC RadioDx News Talking of Histroy Radio .Jingle id43444
6.330 khz13:18 utcRadio Lowland Dutch Music ,Schlager D/NL 25232
6.320 khz13:23 utcRadio GoofyPop Rap Music Jingle id34333
6.298 khz13:40 utcXTC RadioGospel Music Pop Talking id 33333
6.325 khz13:50 utcR.TehnicalmannChristmas Music Nonstop Dance Music id 45444
6.310 khz13:57 utcRadio Zwarte PanterDutch Music and Schlager NL/D Id 34433
6.070 khz14:00 utcR.GroovelinePop Music  Eng Schlager Talk id55444
6.335 khz14:08 utcRadio Lowland ?Oldie Dutch Music 35333
6.295 khz14:39 utcNMD RadioOldies Instro Music Talk id44444
6.225 khz14:55 utc Unid Station Dutch Music Schlager35232
6.070 khz15:00 utc Blueman RadioSilverster Special Oldies Nonstop id Jingles55444
6.285 khz 15:42 utcRadio Underground Oldie  ABBA Talk id 34433
6.295 khz16:02 utcFree Radio VictoriaDutch Music Oldie 25422
3.905 khz16:27 utcAlice RadioDutch Music Oldies44444
1.629 khz19:19 utcRadio Barones Rock Talk id Oldie,s Pop45444

eQSL From Radio Komintern From 28.Dec.2016 on 6210 khz

eQSL From SM Radio Int From 25.Dec.2016 on 6005 khz

eQSL From Radio City From 31.Dec.2016 on 9510 khz

Blueman Radio in 6070 kHz 31.12.2016 15:05 utc :-)

2017 Updated Price Information "Jingle-Pack" Orders

Radio City on 9510 kHz 31.12.2016 9:04 utc

MRI test broadcasts on 7700 (not 6930) kHz

Just a short reminder of our test  broadcasts this week-end with an important change: The frequency will be 7700 kHz (not 6930 kHz).

31 December 2016, from 1400 to 1600 UTC,  1 January 2017, from 1100 to 1600 UTC.  

Reception reports with audio clips (mp3-file) are welcome and confirmed by QSL verification. Some lucky listeners will ALSO receive our printed QSL card, so don't forget to include your postal address. E-mail: marconiradiointernational (at)

We hope to hear from a lot of shortwave listeners about our transmissions.

Best 73's

Marconi Radio International (MRI) 


Una breve nota per ricordare le nostre trasmissioni sperimentali di questo  fine settimana con un'importante novità rispetto a quanto annunciatoin precedenza:
La frequenza sarà 7700 kHz (non più 6930).

Il 31 dicembre 2016, dalle 1400 alle 1600 UTC, l'1 gennaio 2017, dalle 1100 alle 1600 UTC. 

Per i vostri rapporti di ricezione scrivete a: marconiradiointernational (at) La QSL elettronica è garantita a tutti, mentre la cartolina stampata solo ad alcuni fortunati ascoltatori. Non dimenticate quindi di includere anche il vostro indirizzo postale.

Cordiali saluti

30. Dezember 2016

eQSL From XTC Radio From.28.Dec.2016 on 6323 khz

eQSL From Radio Ohne Namen From 30.Dec.2016 on 6070 khz

Free Radio Logs To The Day.30.December.2016

Radio Station
6.380 khz8:50 utcRadio RonalisaPop Oldie Dutch Music id 34333
6.070 khz8:52 utcChannel 292Dutch Oldie Rock Jingle id55444
6.085 khz8:55 utcRadio Mi Amigo.intOldie Rock Talk Jingle id44444
6.070 khz11:00 utcThe Isle of Music Music from Mexico Talking and id 55444
6.300 khz11:12 utcR.Montecarlo intPop Music Dance Music id34433
6.294 khz11:20 utcFree Radio VictoriaPop Rock Dutch Talk id34333
6.285,3 khz11:30 utcUnid Station Oldie instro Music 24322
6.070 khz12:00 utcSuperclan RadioPop Music Oldie,s Talk Jingle id44444
6.335 khz12:05 utcRadio BlacklakeOldie. Dutch Music 34433
6.240 khz12:18 utcPanda RadioPop Music  instro Music 25232
6.230 khz12:54 utcPanda RadioPop Music Instro Music 24422
6.291,2 khz14:10 utcXTC RadioGospelchor .Instro Music  Talking id 34333
6.210 khz14:45 utcRadio KominternRussia Music Talk24322
6.220 khz14:47 utcRadio Zwarte NonDutch Music Schlager34433
6.070 khz14:48 utcRadio Ohne NamenSwingen Mix 1930 und andere 30er Jahre Music Jingle id45444
6.070 khz 15:01 utcRadio PushkaRussia Music.Talk SSTV id44444
3.904,7 khz16:35 utcRadio UndergroundPop,s Jingle mix and Korean music Talk id 34333
5.800 khz16:50 utcLaser Hot HitsOldie Rock Talk id 25332

eQSL From SM From 25.Dec.2016 on 6145 khz

eQSL From SM Radio .Int From 25.Dec.2016 on 17695 khz

eQSL From SM Radio int From 25.Dec.2016 on 11690 khz